3rd Day of My Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle. 

 Good Morning Sunshine!! So, since Monday I’ve been doing the TLS (TRANSITIONAL LIFESTYLE)  7 day detox and walking around my 2.66 mile block with my puppies. I’m on a mission to live a healthier lifestyle. I’ve always been the athletic type, however life’s challenges have thrown me into becoming an emotional eater.  Anytime something traumatic or stressful arises,  I make a B-line for the kitchen. Whatever I can find,  at whatever time of the day,  I’m gorging until I literally feel sick.  Anything chocolate or sweet is my weakness. I even caught myself baking cookies and  chocolate cake at 2am.  Crazy girl!!! 

After losing 18 pounds since November 2016 , traumatic events has had me not really caring about what I ate or if I exercised  at all. Then add 3 amazingly delicious vacations to the mix and my normal eating habits have completely left the building. But those are just excuses and excuses hold you back from living a full and fruitful life.  I know because I teach it to thousands of people who follow me on social media and attend my business classes. 

 After a recent traumatic event in my life,  I was compelled to go to church for guidance and relief from the emotional pain deep down in my soul that was eating at my true positive self.  Miraculously, it was as if the Pastor was speaking directly to me. I prayed on all of my worries and promised to release them and give them to God.  Easier said then done, I might add. But, it did give me the strength to find myself again. The real me. Not the perception you see on social media. Its super easy to create a fascinating persona and take amazing selfies on social media. The secret is to simply be consistent. Post everyday at the same time 80% personal 20% business.  There, now you know my secret!! But,  the hard part is living up to the perception without losing your true self in the interim. 

So, I got up one day, went for a walk and asked God to give me strength to move forward. I asked for the strength to remove all negative components of my life,  help me to get rid of bad  habits I’ve indulged in over the years and help me to genuinely and consciously adopt a healthy lifestyle. By that I mean, eating not 1, but 2 ice cream sandwiches for breakfast or staying up until 2am watch tv and munching on a big bowl of Captain crunch cereal with real milk right before bed. My poor hubby!! Oh, there’s more, but that’s all I’m willing to share at this time. Crash dieting works for a minute, then soon as you slip and eat one piece of candy, potato,  pasta, rice, etc….  Sista FAT wraps herself around your midsection and she always brings an extra,  uninvited 10lb friend to join the pity party. 

Now that I’m pushing 50, (that sounds so crazy to me) my focus is living a healthy,  productive, peaceful life surrounded by positive influences. This is my 3rd day on the TLS 7 day detox. I must say I feel like I have more energy. I developed a slight cold but I’m assuming that’s my body purging the toxins that have embedded themselves in my system. 

The TLS detox is simple,  for 7 days you eat 3 fruits a day, drink a minimal of half your weight in ounces of water (mine is 80 ounces. dont judge me,  I’m tall!) and unlimited raw or slightly streamed veggies. Then you drink two capsules of NUTRICLEAN RELEASE TABLETS with one scoop of ADVANCE FIBER every morning and the HEPATOCLEANSE CAPSULES PACKET in the evening before bed. 

(link to 7 day detox)  http://bit.ly/2tOw1ye

After the 3rd – 4th day you should experience lots of energy and clarity. They recommend you do this a minimal of twice a year.  For myself,  I try to do it quarterly because I have a condition called A FATTY LIVER.  apparently it’s hereditary.  GREAT!!  Now I can’t say my biological dad never gave me anything. Lol! Crazy part is I don’t even drink liquor and i have the liver of an alcoholic. Omg!! Not to sound gross but the elimination morning sessions are fierce!!! All the gunk that was embedded inside of me, causing mayhem to my organs and to my energy level are released every morning into the abyss!! I’ve already dropped 4lbs Literally!! Follow me on my journey as i embark in this new life challenge!  If  you decide you’d like to join me,  let’s do it together and don’t forget to invite a friend!!  Comment below so I can add you to my B4EVERFAB private facebook group page where you can see live footage of my meal prep and my suppliments. If you’re serious, here’s the link again to order your 7 day TLS cleanse! You can use my discount code 10OFFMA and my web portal will automatically give you free shipping!!! 

 Have a fabulous day!!! Besitos!!! 


“Age doesn’t mute your fashion voice”


I found this post to be super interesting, yet empowering! Who predicts what’s appropriate to wear at a certain age anyway! Society? Or just judgemental individuals who have nothing better to do!  This blog post highlights successful mature women who are gaining followers on social media for their contribution to the fashion industry and unapologetically embracing their individual style ! Check it out!! 

Hola!!! Welcome to my new blog for the forever fabulous!!

 Hola Lolas!!!! 

I’m so excited to start this new blog!! My intent is to share fabulous tips and tricks on fitness,  hair,  makeup, skincare,  family, friends, business vacations and everything that will help you stay forever young, empowered and fabulous!!! 

Share the link with your friends, post a comment so we can get to know each other and let’s staet connected!!! 

Bear with me, I’m new to this but I have so much to share!! I have been in the beauty industry since inception,  literally! Stay tuned for a brief bio!!! Have a fabulous day!! Besitos!

Setting up an integrated blog is no joke!

ok. so i got it up and running now i have to try to integrate it into my site. wish me luck!

spent all day trying to connect my site to my blog!! thank God for the support team at Market America webcenters! whew! i feel like i accomplished something today!11036416_540853242737506_4568025234149541992_n