Who is Emily Mahan? (blog bio)

Emily Mahan was born Emily Milagros Torres in 1967 to Elsa Milagros Hernandez and Edwin Torres. She has 3 brothers Chino, Elvin and Jose Jr. Her mom soon remarried after she was born and was raised by the only father she ever known and adored, the late Jose Luis Lopez.

She began her journey in the beauty industry in 1984 when she attended beauty school during her high school junior year through a vocational program. In 1985 she graduated Buena Regional high school and simultaneously acquired her New Jersey state cosmetology license. She immediately went to work as manager for her family owned salon business in Atlantic City NJ. At 19 she married the father of her children, and by 25 she found herself a single mom of two daughters Brianna Milagros Lee and Melanie Love Lee. She worked at her family owned business in Atlantic City for 15 years before flying solo.  She became well known in the city for being the Spanish girl who could slay African American hair. The salon soon became known as the first and only multi-cultural salon in the south jersey area. Her mom believed hair is hair and as long as their money was green, we could do it!!!

See, her mom was a free spirited person and she would always reminded her of her ability to be anything or anyone she desired, so long as she remained focused on her goals. With those words ingrained in her soul, she did just that. While she managed her family Salon business, she raised 2 kids, attended college part time, acquired her NJ real Estate license, sold homes, became a cocktail waitress at Caesars Hotel and Casino in the evenings, was an advocate with the Atlantic City Youth Advocate Program, and became a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader 94-95 season just for fun!!!

In 1999, she decided it was time for her to spread her wings. Managing her family business just wasn’t enough. She had just met her soulmate and they immediately started their plans to be together forever. Two months after they met, she was engaged and had put a down payment on building a new home with her new fiance in Mays Landing NJ.

On July 2nd 2000, she married the love of her life, then Investigator Willie Mahan who later became Captain Willard Mahan with the Camden County Prosecutors Office. That very year, she realized she couldn’t manage her family business with the required long days and late nights any longer.  She knew if she wanted to nurture her new marriage and family life, she would have to fly solo so she could balance the time spent working and taking care of her family. So, with a five thousand dollar credit card, she opened a 450 square foot exclusive boutique salon she named Salon Shampu in Egg Harbor City NJ. She chose the location because it was a mid point between AC and Mays Landing.  Worried and scared, she took the leap of faith anyway. Because she had already established a huge following in the city, her business took off immediately. Her then assistant Ruby Silva, quickly established her own clientele and became an amazing stylist in her own right. The following year a young customer from her days in the AC salon named Rosie Quiles came to her and asked ” if i get my cosmetology license, could i work for you?”  of course she said yes. The three stylist worked together for the next 15 years. Yes, there were some bumps in the road, but they always remained loyal to each other despite the events that threatened their business relationship and overall friendship.
In 2009 her youngest daughter began beauty school. One day she announced she hated to do hair and wanted to focus her studies on skin and makeup. A women had recently dropped off some literature on makeup but she hadn’t really paid it any mind. Her plate was full and she had no intentions on adding the services to the menu until her daughters announcement. Soon after, Motives beauty advisor Linda McLaughlin met with Emily and her daughter to introduce them to the MOTIVES & ME PROGRAM. The program is designed to teach young adults how to become an entrepreneur retailing makeup online. She also brought along the CUSTOM BLEND COSMETICS SYSTEM by MOTIVES COSMETICS, a division of MARKET AMERICA / SHOP.COM.                                            At first glance, Emily thought it was a genius concept! Her innate business sense told  her she could add an exclusive service to her salon menu, earn 200% retail profit, and create residual income through customer reorders and service retention. For three years she carried the line in her salon and was very content with  the products. Linda made several attempts to get Emily to look at the entire business, but she was way to busy with all her other ventures, she couldn’t add another business to her plate. But, Linda was persistent and continue to invite her to events to evaluate the full business she already owned through Motives.

That same year, Emily got the “new venture itch” and decided she would go back to school to acquire her Cosmetology Teachers certification. Her initial thought was she’d share her knowledge and passion for the beauty industry with those who were equally passionate. Seven thousand dollars and 6 months later, she soon found that it to was just another job that would require her to punch a clock and deal with corporate politics. Not to mention the salary they offered would have been an extreme pay cut and she would be trading her valuable time for very little money. After she sat and the did the math, she discovered she could make the salary they offered in two days in  one day at her salon. So, she completed the course, took the state exam and accomplished the goal anyway because quitting is never an option for her!  She soon began to do more research on the company Market America. Her findings left her wanting to learn more about the business behind the MOTIVES BRAND.  In 2011 she attended her very first International Conference in North Carolina and  has never missed one since! She began to build her organization focusing on sharing the business plan with salon owners and beauty professionals.  In 2013 the MOTIVES ONLINE PARTY was introduced to the field. With her already established following on social media, the virtual tool empowered her to share more of her 30 years experience in the industry. That winter, at the World Convention in Miami, she was asked to share her success with the new virtual marketing tool on stage along side Motives creator Loren Ridinger and brand ambassador LaLa Anthony. The experience inspired her to use her education background and became a Motives Trainer.

Emily and her now retired husband travel every chance they get! When shes not working in her studio, (PINKSHAMPU STUDIO) She works on her Motives business via her mobile phone from where ever she is. She enjoys teaching the Motives Cosmetics / SHOP.COM system across the country. But most importantly, she loves empowering and educating everyday women and salon owners on how to create a residual income doing what they love, on their own schedule, and balancing family life with business.

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Author: b4everfab

My roots are screaming! What can I say, I'm strong willed, however, I possess a peaceful spirit. I'm extremely passionate about what i love and who i love. I can be opinionated but in a constructive manner so not to undermine or judge others. I believe in keeping it real at all times, so I can look at my self in the mirror every morning and know I'm true to myself and what I believe in. The hustler in me fuels my ambition and my desire to remain focused on my goals. I attempt to self motivate myself to be my very best everyday. Being kind to others is one of the many things I've acquired from my life mentor, my mom. She always told me I'd be confronted with adversity because my presence can make others insecure or question their own abilities and self confidence. I can still hear her voice saying " Walk tall, hold your head up high, keep a welcoming soft smile on your face and Simply kill them with kindness" . I've lived up to those worlds, and her philosophy has worked for me thus far. I am a work in progress. I embrace who I am and the women I've become, despite the monsters who have attempted to break my spirit. Don't judge me, Love me for who I am, because more than likely I will never change. Don't love me for what you think I can do for you. I am a good judge of character, and I can smell your intent a mile away. I am a Hernandez Women, a rare breed. Ask any man who ever loved one. Not an easy task. You can never possess me. I am a free spirited butterfly. I belong to ME and my God. I simply and whole heartedly, choose to share myself with you. I came into the world alone and except that I will die alone. Fear nor rejection frighten me because I understand the process of failure and Success. I say, bring it on! I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying. I have no regrets, my life has been memorable thus far. Some good , some bad. However, if giving the chance to recreate my past , I wouldn't change any of my decisions. I've learned many life lessons through my experiences and I'm grateful for them. I love my life, family, friends and my community and some of them actually love me back. I'm good with God, he has forgiven me for all my sins. My concious is clear, my spirits are high, And I look forward to tomorrow's journey. I'm in no way, shape or form perfect, nor do i stride to be. I live my life as if I'll die tomorrow . I keep my words kind, fore it may be the last words i say and can't take back. I try to respect others views, perspectives, morals , values, and personal life decisions and demand the same in return. I understand I can't choose my relatives, however I can choose my friends and I choose to surround myself with those who make me happy. I'm merely cordial to those who don't. I try to communicate clearly and love hard for learning to love yourself and your God is vital in obtaining successful relationships, Careers and self worth. HENCE THE NAME LOVE!

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